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Your consultation begins with your completion of a questionnaire before the visit. This questionnaire describes your environment and pinpoints the areas in your life that you would like to improve. I will then do an on-site visit. The on-site visit is usually one to two hours. We will focus on enhancing your environment so that it supports you in reaching your goals.

Personal Elements

The questionnaire also includes an inventory that identifies your personal elements. Feng Shui works with the elements of fire, earth, metal, water and wood. One or more of these elements predominates in each of us, and identification of your elements is a great help in creating a positive environment for you. I will also take pictures and notes so that I can prepare a detailed report for you.

Written Reports

During the on-site visit I will take pictures and notes so I can prepare a detailed report for you. The report will outline my evaluations and recommendations. I will then either visit you or arrange for a phone conversation to discuss the recommendations and their implementation and to answer your questions. Implementing enhancements is usually low or no cost.

Client Testimonials

"A few years ago I was hoping to find a committed relationship. Mary helped me make a few Feng Shui adjustments in my apartment. The only things I ended up buying were candles. Less than six months later I met a beautiful woman. We were soon engaged. I am now happily married."

Mike from Eliot, Maine

"When a car drove into my last home, I knew it was time to call in an expert! Mary suggested specific Feng Shui recommendations that made my house a lot safer, and I felt much more secure and comfortable. So when I moved into my new home, I called her right away to do a general assessment. She suggested some small changes that have made a world of difference in how I feel. Thanks, Mary!"

Kim from Melrose, Massachusetts

On-site visits are available in the Boston area. Call or e-mail for more information:


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