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This page features those questions that clients have asked me that are particularly relevant to many people.

Pre-consultation Worries

QUESTION: One client, before our consultation, expressed her concerns. Her concerns reflect those of many clients. She was worried that I would find something that needed to be changed that she would be unable or unwilling to change.

ANSWER: I make recommendations, but you should never take any recommendation that you are not comfortable with. That would be contrary to the intention of my work. Implementing a recommendation that makes you uncomfortable will only serve to make you uncomfortable in your environment. Remember that the Pyramid School puts the person as the central concern. Usually my corrections are low or no cost. Often people feel an immediate "lift" when a relevant correction is made.

QUESTION: People also have questions about my finding "bad news."

ANSWER: I take a positive outlook on all situations and make recommendations for improvement where needed. I don't look at it as bad news, but as a way to improve things. Every situation is correctable in a way that can be pleasing to you.

Feng Shui and Your Love Life

QUESTION: Can Feng Shui help me find a romantic relationship or improve my current one?

ANSWER: Many clients come to me hoping that Feng Shui can help them with their romantic relationships. Although there are no guarantees, Feng Shui can give you tips for arranging your environment in a way that can help you attract a romantic relationship or rekindle an existing one.

For example, if you are looking for a relationship, does your environment reflect that you have room for another person in your life?

If you have a relationship, do you understand each other's needs in terms of your home environment, and have you provided for both sets of needs? Do you have a photograph of the two of you, together and happy, displayed so that you can both see it when you first come home? This can be a powerful and calming message when making the transition from a hectic day to your life at home.

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